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Dr Jo Moss - Principal Investigator

Dr Jo Moss is a Lecturer at the University of Surrey. Her research is concerned with understanding the prevalence, profile and social-cognitive mechanisms associated with the development of autism and related characteristics in individuals with genetic syndromes.

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Dr Katherine Ellis - Post-doctoral Researcher

Katherine oversees the day to day running of our Baily Thomas funded project, characterising social behaviours and socio-cognitive profiles in autistic children and children with Fragile X syndrome and Cornelia de Lange syndrome. She carried out her PhD at the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders at the University of Birmingham researching the development of social cognition and its influence on unique and contrasting socio-behavioural phenotypes across genetically defined disorders.

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Dr Natali Bozhilova - Post-doctoral Researcher

Natali is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Surrey, with the Neurodevelopmental Research lab. Natali graduated from University College London in 2016. In the same year, she started her PhD as part of the MRC DTP 0+4 programme at King’s College London with Professor Philip Asherson, Professor Katya Rubia and Dr Giorgia Michelini as supervisors.Natali has also tutored and delivered behavioural therapies to children with a wide range of neurodevelopmental conditions.


Her primary interests involve understanding the cognitive and neural mechanisms associated with mind wandering in individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions, and more recently the development of autistic and ADHD traits in individuals with genetic syndromes.

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Ridhi Sahni - Honorary Research Assistant

Ridhi completed her BSc in Biomedical Science and MSc Psychology at the University of Surrey.  She is currently working as a Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner in NHS IAPT, and will be supporting the work of the NDevR lab as an Honorary Research Assistant

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Lauren Jenner - PhD Student

Lauren is a PhD student at the University of Surrey, using eye-tracking to investigate the profile of social-cognitive skills in Fragile X, Cornelia de Lange, Prader Willi and Down syndromes. Her research aims to advance understanding of the development of autism characteristics in these populations, and also to promote the use of accessible research methods for those with an intellectual disability. Her project forms part of a larger Network of research, funded by Cerebra, to improve clinical outcomes in children with genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability. 

Beth Jones - PhD Student

Beth is a PhD student in the Neurodevelopmental Research Research Lab at the University of Surrey. Her research aims to explore anxiety and anxious behaviours in young people and adults with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) and how this might be linked to other characteristics of the syndrome. The goal of this research will be to help guide better understanding of anxiety in CdLS and the association with autistic characteristics and help drive more appropriate assessments of anxiety.


Gabby Leen - Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Gabby is a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of Surrey, completing her thesis within the Neurodevelopmental Research Lab. Gabby graduated from her BSc Psychology at the University of Birmingham in 2017. She spent a couple of years teaching early years and delivering play-based therapies in Australia. She then moved to London in 2019 and has worked in the NHS with infants and children with a range of neurological presentations and neurodevelopmental conditions. Her research is focused on investigating the cognitive, behavioural and emotional profiles of children with Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) in collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

Shelley Wilson - Research Assistant

Shelley completed her MSc in Psychology at the University of Surrey and is now working as a Research Assistant. In this role, Shelley aims to raise awareness and understanding of the complex needs of children with rare genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability amongst educational practitioners. This will be achieved by the development of a bespoke online training module for specialist education practitioners that will be co-produced with parents and school practitioners.

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Tabitha McLachlan - Undergraduate Dissertation Student

Tabby is an undergraduate Psychology student at the University of Surrey who worked as a Research Associate in the Neurodevelopmental Research Lab during her professional training year. She is currently writing a final year dissertation on the relationship between sensory processing, coping skills, and repetitive behaviours in children with ASD and other neurodevelopmental disorders.


Lucy Deeprose - Undergraduate Placement Student

Lucy is an undergraduate Psychology student at the University of Surrey. As part of her placement year she is working in the Neurodevelopmental Research lab, as well as at the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder clinic in Surrey. 


Rachel Howard - Undergraduate Placement Student

Rachel is in the third year of her undergraduate Psychology degree with the University of Surrey. She is currently undergoing her Professional Training Year, working as a Research Associate for the Neurodevelopmental Research Lab. She will be focusing on looking at social cognition skills in rare genetic syndromes associated with autism.

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Lisa Yeh - Intern Research Assistant

Lisa is an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Surrey who is currently an intern research assistant in the neurodevelopmental lab.

Previous lab members

Bethany Webster - Research Assistant

Lara Erritt - MSc Psychology Conversion Student

Dr Laura Wilby - Honorary Research Assistant

Alkistis Papadopoulou - Undergraduate Placement Student

Lily Stamp - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sophie Channon - Undergraduate Research Assistant