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Social and emotional wellbeing in girls and women with and without fragile X premutation

This study is being conducted by Dr Jo Moss, Gillian Hughes, and Placement Student Holly Snellgrove.

The aim of this study is to understand social preferences and mental health in girls and women with fragile X premutation, aged 16-50 years, compared to girls and women without the fragile X premutation.

This study involves an in-person session and a remote session, including clinical interviews, eye-tracking tasks, self-report questionnaires and saliva samples. Each session takes 1-1.5 hours and the total duration is 3 hours. 

This study has received favourable ethical opinion (FHMS 21-22 084 EGA).

If you would like to get involved:

We are looking for girls and women aged between 16-50 with and without the fragile X premutation. 

You can visit us at the University of Surrey to take part, or we can visit you at home and you will be reinbursed for your time and travel expenses if you decide to travel to the university. 

Please scan the QR code or email for more details. 

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