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Supporting the complex needs of children with genetic syndromes in educational practice
Free Online Resource

To access our free resource, please see here.

This resource has been developed to raise awareness and understanding of the complex needs of children with genetic syndromes, and to support educational practitioners and teachers who are working with these children. 


There are opportunities to hear from a Senior Educational Psychologist and teachers, as well as parents and carers of children with genetic syndromes. This resource has been developed in line with relevant research; the specific examples that are discussed have been selected and applied to the relevant sections using supporting evidence.

To watch a webinar on the resource and to hear from the research team, including from Senior Educational Psychologist Dr Laura Wilby and Senior Lecturer and Cerebra Network Co-Director Dr Jo Moss, please see the link here:

Update March 2024

Call to parents and education practitioners: HELP US IMPROVE OUR FREE TEACHER TRAINING RESOURCE!


The NDevR team at the University of Surrey are looking for both parents and education practitioners (teachers, SENCOs, teaching assistants etc.) who would be able to help us improve our online teacher training resource:


The team would like to ask parents and caregivers of someone with a genetic syndrome as well as education practitioners who have experience working with children with a genetic syndrome for a few hours of their time to review the resource and to provide us feedback during online interviews or focus groups.


We appreciate that families and education practitioners have limited time and will be very busy. We therefore aim to be as flexible as possible in finding a time/date that is suitable (including evenings/weekends). In addition, you will be compensated up to £75 in cash or Love to Shop vouchers for your time.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the project in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact Kat at

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Project Team

Jo moss_image.jpg

Dr Jo Moss

richards caroline.jpg

Dr Caroline Richards

Hayley Crawford.jpeg

Dr Hayley Crawford

Jane Waite.jpeg

Dr Jane Waite

K Ellis.jpg

Dr Kat Ellis

LW photograph.jpg

Dr Laura Wilby

emily farran.webp

Dr Emily Farran

katie gilligan.webp

Dr Katie Gilligan-Lee

Shelley Profile.jpeg

Shelley Wilson

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